THOSE OF MY BLOOD by Jacqueline Lichtenberg


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More vampirical high jinks from the author of the futuristic Sime/Gen series: this time the vampires are aliens-among-us. When a crashed alien spaceship is found on the moon, complete with humanoid corpses, opinion on Earth is divided over whether to signal the putative alien civilization. A huge research team gathers on the moon: astronomer Titus Shiddehara is a luren, vampires who've been living secretly on Earth for centuries; he's part of the Resident group (they treat humans as people and sometimes interbreed with them, and oppose signaling Earth's whereabouts to the main luren civilization). Titus' opponent on the moon is computer whiz Abbot, his luren father, a Tourist (they regard humans as cattle, don't hesitate to compel human obedience with vampirical Influence, and favor calling the luren to a free feed on Earth). Matters grow vastly more complicated as Titus and the much stronger Abbot square off; Titus rediscovers old flame Inea as Abbot sabotages Titus' computer and food supplies (artificial dried blood, but it lacks savor). In desperation, Titus revitalizes one of the luren ""corpses,"" Hlim, hoping for an ally; meanwhile, war breaks out on Earth, as Titus, Hlim, Inea, and Abbot mix it up on the moon, with the good guys finally prevailing. Heavy and overcomplicated. Still, Lichtenberg fans with a bent for further vampirical variations of a fairly bloodless nature should find this one entertaining enough.

Pub Date: Dec. 19th, 1988
ISBN: 1932100091
Publisher: St. Martin's