THE 5 STAR POINTS FOR SUCCESS by Jacqueline Oya  Thomas


Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life's Purpose
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A singer/actress/life coach’s debut self-help guide outlines how to nurture mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment to achieve one’s goals in life.

Thomas, a California-based singer and actress, knows full well the challenges in striving to, as she says, manifest your dreams and live life’s purpose. “As creatives, many of us are stuck in the artist with poverty mentality, because that is what we learned, whether from society, our parents, or some other authority figure who had an effect on our lives and thought he/she could dictate how we felt about ourselves and our dreams and how we should be living,” she says. “These naysayers told us artists always struggle.” In this guide, Thomas describes how to upend such negativity through positive, purposeful focus of one’s mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment. She concludes her inspirational, essaylike discussions about each of these areas with exercises “to get into a routine of self-care” to help reinforce these important themes. She suggests writing down self-affirmations (e.g., “YES, I CAN DO IT”), accepting the part one’s emotions play in one’s life (listen well and don’t be overwhelmed by these feelings), take time to relax and recharge, and tap into the principles of feng shui to transform your home into a sanctuary. She ends each section with an accountability chart, a grid by which to list goals and note one’s daily progress. Thomas brings an encouraging tone and a clearly articulated vision to this motivational map-out of how to adopt a more purposeful approach to life. The accountability charts as well as a few tough-love statements—e.g., “being overwhelmed is a choice” —help the book rise above the platitudes found in many guides to the power of positive thinking. The simple yet engaging and effective rubric will allow readers to raise their self-awareness and take steps toward improvement.

Inspiring and easy-to-grasp method to prompt goal setting and personal growth.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9909802-0-9
Program: Kirkus Indie
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