THE CARPATHIAN CAPER by Jacques & Annie Gottlieb Sandulescu


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Proud as an eagle and straight as the crow flies, only a helluva lot faster, over the formidable terrain of Transylvania, this is much more than a caper--this story of Jacques who returns to his native mountain village to see his mother who has survived there while his father slowly bled to death under the Russians. Jacques, an impresario of considerable imagination, decides to rescue his mother, rescue the girl, Marieta, who had become a doctor, and also rescue a fabled art treasure worth somewhere between six and nine million from a monastery where it is attended by twelve nuns. Jacques returns to the U.S. to get money, a crew including a pilot, a Japanese samurai, and a street-smart tough from Little Italy, as well as a helicopter and some tranquilizers for the Sisters. Once dosed, they carry on like those other nuns at Loudun but the dazzling cache of coins, cups and coronets is secured with the Russians not far behind and still to be taken care of. . . . A Transylvanian's night's entertainment with rock-rimmed scenery and splendid aplomb.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam