MIROIR A DEUX FACES: Two Faces Of A Mirror by Jacques Boulenger
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MIROIR A DEUX FACES: Two Faces Of A Mirror

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This is the winner of the 1939 AcadÉmie FranÇiase Award, and in the best tradition of the French psychological novel, introspective, shrewd, with a predominance of mind over matter. This is the detailed analysis of a marriage in the process of disintegration seen first through the eyes of the husband, then the wife. The husband, a scientist, is rather mental, rather heavy, withdrawn from the world and completely satisfied by his impulsive, volatile, emotional wife. His gaucherie and indifference when exposed to social contacts -- then his attempt to enter her world and subsequent failure -- bring about a slow, but very certain, estrangement which, after the years pass, becomes irreconcilable. A precise, keen, detached commentary in fiction form of two everyday people unable to overcome the conflicting characteristics of each, characteristics common to most men and women.

Publisher: Gallimard