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A MAN OF GOD FOR OTHERS by Jacques Leolerq



Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Newman

One of the unfortunate accidents of the post-Tridentine Catholic Church, Leclerq points out, was the fact that the training of the secular clergy was left almost entirely in the hands of monks, or at least under the influence of the monastic tradition. The inevitable consequence was that the spirituality with which they were imbued was one of withdrawal from the world rather than of involvement in it, of contemplation rather than of action. The need now more than ever is for a specifically action-oriented spirituality, and this book is an excellent first step toward a formulation of one. The author examines the concept of priesthood under its aspect of service to the community of worshipers, then explains how the notion of service necessarily involves a particular kind of spirituality: a spirituality of action. That spirituality is then described as one of active involvement in every aspect of human life, mundane and supernatural, which is to culminate in a total Christian outlook on oneself and the world in reciprocal relationship. It is an inspiring message, and one that goes deeply into a serious problem that afflicts the Church today. Hopefully, the book will come to the attention particularly of seminary faculty and students.