ALL MY CHILDREN by Jacqui Lee & Beth Day Schiff


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Mrs. Schiff, and her husband, Moe -- both Eric Bernian Transactional Analysis students and social workers -- have applied this technique toward schizophrenics along with their own ""re-parenting,"" -- i.e. taking some very sick grown children to live with them. Along with their three natural sons. They believe that hospitals (and shock treatment) have nothing to offer the schizophrenic; intimacy and love does, and often spankings since all their acquired children were hopelessly regressed (literally back to the bottle stage). This then is the story of their work with Dennis, a bearded nineteen-year-old infant who made substantial progress during the years here (with continuing attempts against Mrs. Schiff's life); of Vickie, a failure, and her brother, a success; of two almost hopeless hebephrenics and one catatonic; and an increasing number of children and the expansion of their technique and facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Schiff apparently learn by doing along unorthodox lines (one frightening castration scene re-enacted or re-lived) and the physical and emotional demands put upon them at all times seem almost inconceivable. They also met with antagonism in their community (Fredericksburg, Virginia) and one wonders if there will be any further backlash from more orthodox professionals; still their work proceeds from an unlimited act of faith in all children however incapacitated. And Miss Day's collaboration makes it sentimentally more susceptible.

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 1970
Publisher: Evans