THE OTHER SIDE by James A. & Diane Kennedy Pike


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A psientffic presentation by the former Bishop of San Francisco of his paranormal experiences following the death of his son, Jim, who committed suicide in 1966. A few months later, when in England with Davis, his chaplain, and an assistant, Maren (who also will take her life), certain poltergeisting activities took place (postcards appear: also open safety pins; and Maren's bangs are singed). They seemed to have been stimulated by Jim. Via a seance with a Mrs. Ena Twigg he hears from Jim that ""nothing I've seen over here makes me any more inclined to believe in God"" although there will be more reassuring words toward the close. Months later, in America, there will be further happenings; Edgar Cayce comes through on another frequency, and there is an extended bit on his co-appearance with the Reverend Ford (cf. his book--Unknown But Known--p. 1114). All in the pursuit of his personal equation of ""facts and faith"" and in spite of the If This Be Heresy (1967) charges. At the close there is an unnecessary addendum to the reviewer who may have skipped some of this rather ""lengthy"" book (actually talky and tendentious) because of its ""considerable complexity."" The Bishop is no more complex than Ruth Montgomery although his findings, until now. are far scrappier.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday