APOSTLE OF CHINA by James A. Muller


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The name of Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky (pronounces Sher-re-sheff-sky) may be familiar to you -- if not, you have something to look forward to in this biography. If it is you will be thrilled as you read the amazing achievements of this Jewish boy from Tauroggen, a part of Russian Lithuania. After studying to be a Rabbi, he came to America, studied for the priesthood, was sent to China where he translated the Bible into both Mandarin and easy Wenli, did a translation of the prayer book, became Bishop much against his will, served China faithfully, organizing schools and colleges during an extremely difficult period and without ever having adequate funds or full co-operation from his unimaginative board. Many Lenten classes study and read this type book. Suggest it to them. It is as gripping as fiction.

Publisher: Morehouse