A New Look Lu Preaching by James A. Pike
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A New Look Lu Preaching

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Don't worry about infallibility!"" This is an example of the down to earth practical advice which James A. Pike, California's controversial bishop and one of the recognized ""greats"" of the American pulpit, has in his latest book, Preaching in an Age of Transition. Bishop Pike is well aware that much of today's preaching is poor preaching and in his book diagnoses some of the ills and prescribes some very effective remedies. While directed at Anglicans it speaks to everybody -- especially that preacher who intensely desires to improve the peculiar art of preaching. If you're looking for some sermon ideas they're here. But, the primary value of the book is not the few sermon outlines you may pick up here and there but the many extremely constructive suggestions for an effective pulpit. Bishop Pike seldom prepares for a particular sermon. He believes that ""what is needed is a continuing body of preparation to relate the word to the situation"". The preacher will spend considerable time with his Bible and devotional literature, such as the Book of Common Prayer. He will not, however, restrict his reading and study to religious works but will be a wide reader; nor will the effective preacher write out his sermons. While acknowledging that a certain polished finesse may be lost in contemporary preaching, Dr. Pike knows from personal experience that the gain in effective communication will be fargreater than any loss. If you are seriously interested in improving your pulpit you won't fail to buy this book.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1961
Publisher: Scribner