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The Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York is a man of strong convictions and has the ability to state them convincingly. Trained as a lawyer, he turned to the ministry but not in the Catholic church in which he was raised but in the Protestant Episcopal church. Accordingly, his is the zeal of the convert. Having had consierable experience on college campuses and in other intellectual circles he is acutely aware of what is disturbing the mind of modern man. From his personal and pastoral experience he has been able to put his finger upon the principal types of human anxiety in this anxious age. They are fear, guilt, inhibition, frustration, indecision, loneliness and despair, and it is with these experiences that Dean Pike deals in this volume. Quite conversant with the theory and techniques of psycho therapy, Dean Pike insists that the only cure for these forms of anxiety is that provided by a vital Christian faith. His treatment of these subjects is much more thorough-going than that of some popular preachers who make the solutions of these problems sound easy. But Pike is far from doctrinaire in his treatment. He is practical and down to earth. The book abounds in telling illustrations. It should be widely read.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1953
Publisher: Scribner