GROW OR DIE: The Overpopulation Myth by James A. Weber

GROW OR DIE: The Overpopulation Myth

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To grow, in this instance, means to be fruitful and multiply. The bottom line of this misleading tract is a jeremiad against abortion and a pitch for immediate passage of a Right to Life Amendment. Malthus and the nco-Malthusians, it seems, have it backwards: more people, not fewer, will solve our problems of pollution, food shortages, dwindling energy supplies, and technological overkill. Population growth is good because it promotes entrepreneurship, expands markets and business opportunities, increases the total of savings available for investment. Weber views all Zero Population Growth advocates, Paul Ehrlich in particular, with disdain as enemies of ""the inexorable law of human life."" The book is confined to the US but an epilogue maintains that all countries--yes, even India--can grow enough food to feed more millions. Triage or the ""lifeboat ethic"" won't be necessary (which is fine)--especially if less developed countries safeguard the private-property rights of food producers. And, maybe, pray for manna from heaven.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1977
Publisher: Arlington House