PAGODA by James Atlee Phillips


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Modern E. Philip Oppenheim adventure, in a story of a one-time Flying Tiger back on a mystery assignment in the Far East. Joe Gall flies back to Hongkong, summoned an old acquaintance, Lloyd Varley, who's piling up the bankroll by selling U. S. planes illegally to both sides of the Burma civil war. Cross and double cross, spy and counter-, confuse Joe as he flies his Dakota out to the old jumping-off point of Hump flying. arley keeps one set of spies tailing Joe; Varley's partner Nash keeps tabs by throwing beautiful half-caste at the returned American. At first Ugette is all business but isn't long before call-girl and cynical flyer decide that ""this is the real thing"". the best tradition of star-crossed romance, Ugette dies protecting Joe, thus solving inevitability of the problem to be faced back home....Low budget thrills all the way.

Publisher: Macmillan