MAYO SERGEANT by James B. Hall


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The values here can be creamed right off the top--those affluent accessories, country clubs, yachts, Thunderbirds, et al in a neon-chrome novel which takes place in Cutlass Bay on the Pacific. It's told, with just a touch of resignation by Roberte (sic--a man) Glouster who's always lived there and it deals with Mayo Sergeant, a fast buck operator and ""pillow mechanic."" Mayo makes lots of successful investments (real estate); he also appropriates the available and presumably unavailable women around; even Hildy--whom Roberte had loved and lost once before....All of the characters are no deeper than their California suntan and Mayo's the kind who can procure everything, except review space. This is just an easy reading entertainment with eye-appeal.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1967
Publisher: New American Library