THE LOVE CHASE by James Barlow


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Ridicule helped produce the headline GOD IS DEAD! and ridicule may yet help resurrect that never thoroughly buried Holy Ghost. One of the characters aiding and abetting this is Michael Deene, a completely likable nineteen-year-old art student rebelling at a father who is a bishop in the established church and has Pike-like tendencies to flirt with mass media attention. Michael's father has the unintentional effect of killing God with every word. Michael is the sort who is automatically courteous to old ladies, fearfully inhibited in the presence of young ones, and tenderly inclined toward females in general. His attempts to divest himself of his irksomely obvious virginity are comic without being crude and his one successful effort leads to a necessary marriage both he and the girl accept with pleasure. This is all probably very square, but in this stocky young Englishman caught in the act of unconsciously refusing to allow the ethical baby to be hurled out with the anarchical bathwater, we have a comforting figure that will prove satisfying to a comfortable readership this side of middle age.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Simon & Schuster