THE SKY SUSPENDED by James Bassett


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So there we are see... five merry mercenaries. ""Cragg's Mafia"" they call us and we've sold our souls for cash and carry to the ""South Thietnamese"" who've been having trouble with the North ""Thietnamese""...""Kong"" since the States did a French adieu some years back. Anyhow, we guys are ushin' in where the Seventh Fleet feared to tread and with our little PT power boat and a hopped up Chinese Junk, we're gonna get their whole forty ship convoy up at Phon Than harbor. We've come all the way from ""Gai Song."" Course it's an up-tight ship what with Cragg and M, Legere (a little filly schoolteacher trying to get home to her daddy doctor's Mission up North) having a little passion on the poopdeck. But there's lots of sights along the way like the time we anchored at Papa Panache's and he and Cragg played chess with live native girls as pieces... Some pieces! Specially that black queen. Well it's one grand shootout with lots of blood and some of us don't make it of course for that sad little touch. Oh what a lovely war! See Clark Gable. See him beat king ""Kong"".

Pub Date: May 10th, 1968
Publisher: Delacorte