HEAVEN'S TABLET by James Brewship


Adventurers in Paradise Find a Way to Send a First-of-its-Kind Story From Heaven to Earth (New)
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In this Christian novel, a tightknit group of friends wants to write a new testament.

When a drowsy driver lets his car jump the median at the beginning of Brewship’s novel, it strikes the truck of Michael Steele, senior employee of the Department of Fish and Game, apparently killing him. Steele, a husband, father and devout Christian, feels himself floating over his body as doctors try to revive him. He realizes he’s dead, and he faces the prospect with equanimity (“I was prayed up and ready for whatever was happening”). He travels to heaven and meets all the beloved relatives who’ve died before him, and like them, he’s given an “eternapure” body that never ages. He meets his two guardian angels (“They had known me when I was a baby, and they had known me when I received my AARP membership”), Julius and Mersala, who cheerfully handle his religious questions, exploding Darwin’s theory of evolution (specifically by debunking the fossil record) and replacing it with the omniscient benevolence of the Christian God and his son Jesus. To put it mildly, there’s no reason for a Muslim or a Jew to exist—to say nothing of an atheist; Brewship’s book is a fantasy solely for the Christian faithful. Eventually, Michael’s wife, SarahAnn, and their friends Zach and Barbara Arnold join him in heaven, and they discover an ancient, jewel-encrusted tablet that had been brought from Earth to heaven centuries before, apparently by mistake. When the four friends seek to fill the tablet with new spiritual revelations and return it to Earth, they embark on a series of Pilgrim’s Progress–like allegorical adventures, intermixed with flashbacks to their pre-heaven lives. Brewship’s simple, brightly optimistic narration, in the vein of the most popular Christian fundamentalist fiction, will appeal to readers of Beverly Lewis and Ted Dekker who like their characters wholesome and the conclusions happy and faith-affirming.

A sunny, fast-paced Christian afterlife-adventure story.

Pub Date: July 20th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1481907385
Page count: 244pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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