MAN IS THE PREY by James Clarke


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This book is written in the belief that people like to know precisely what is eating them."" Always assuming that they are alive to read it..... Mr. Clarke, with the benefit of a good many other hunters, sportsmen, game rangers, observers and sometimes with the hindrance of too many ""as so and so said"" or ""according to so and so,"" has itemized what seems like every dangerous killer from the overpowering elephant on down. (A typist in a Zurich zoo was swallowed by one in 1944). There is a good deal of incidental intelligence: gorillas are not ferocious; alcohol makes snakebite more lethal; no real repellent has been found, against the 250 species of sharks, some 10% of which are man-eating; even our feathered friends can be hostile. Mr. Clark's sources range from Pliny to Ernest Thompson Seton, Sally Carrighar to Farley Mowat, Jim Corbett to the ubiquitous Ionides. Man too is a predator, as Mr. Clarke points out, and there are times during this exhaustive inventory when he seems to be chewing your ear off.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1969
Publisher: Stein & Day