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Prolific writers for the juvenile market place- on this subject as well as a host of others- Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein have all the qualifications for turning out this competent, lively survey of the men and organizations who have paved the way towards coming space flight. First on their list is William Congreve. He thought of using rockets for weapons in the early 19th century and had to go to the toymakers for his supplies, but his same became a legend in Napoleonic times. Jules Verne follows with the imagination that was the spur of future space ship designers. Working in Russia in the late 19th century, Ziolkovsky was a pioneer theorist, but an obscure school teacher who might have received more notice under different circumstances. Robert Hutchings Goddard was the father of U.S. rocketscring and his inventions startled the inhabitants of Worcester, Mass. Hermann Oberth, the German rocket society VfR, the American Rocket Society, and Hitler's organization at Peenemunde- these round out the contributory list. And biography has been combined with scientific detail for a maximum of interest to the ever dedicated audience.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Messner