POOR RICHARD by James Daugherty
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Excellent highlighting of Franklin's life story, from early years in Boston, through his fresh start in Philadelphia, and his many angled-rise to fame. You get the picture of boy into man, of a personality who enjoyed life as it came, even when it took him from home, wife, local projects; a man who disdained public opinion, whose curiosity made him one of the first to ""win friends and influence people"". Even when he was misunderstood, as in his efforts in England, he knew how to handle the situation; in France, under Adams' disapproving eye, nothing daunted him. Daugherty has drawn the picture lovingly, warm-heatedly. The emphasis is centered on his contributions to Americanism, rather than on his inventions, writings, place in world affairs or lively mentality. It makes a good springboard book for more intensive biographical study. And Daugherty has out Daughertied Daugherty in his pictures. It seems there cannot be a dull book about Benjamin Franklin.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1941
ISBN: 189310303X
Publisher: Viking