NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER: A Political Biography by James Desmond

NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER: A Political Biography

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A political curriculam vitae for potential presidential candidate Nelson A. Rockefeller starts off with the assurance that ""he set out aiming for the top"". In a presentation of credentials, the present book reviews his background, early years, schooling at Lincoln School and Dartmouth, then moves on to his years in business, particularly his South American ventures which led to public service in Washington as Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. Rockefeller's service under three presidents comes in for close-up treatment with a view to the political overtones and oppositions as well as to actual work performance. Rockefeller's contributions are set forth as he handled various posts, including the Under-secretary-pf Health, Education and Welfare. In foreign affairs, his role in San Francisco in regard to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, his backing of the ""open skies"" proposal in disarmament are boosted. Returning to New York, his campaign and election, his position in 1960, asserted when Nixon acceded to his platform demands (demands made on a patriotic basis, from this viewpoint), his second election, backing of Lefkowitz, divorce and remarriage are discussed with a sense of controlled candor. Essentially non-revelatory, affirmative background reading on a major candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Publisher: Macmillan