RUSSIA FIGHTS by James E. Browne


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As Moscow correspondent of I N S, with previous experience on the ground, Browne returned to Russia via the embattled Murmansk route. Unfortunately, his book comes too late to have anything vitally new to contribute. He does, to be sure, throw some light on new (to us) political figures; he offers his interpretation of the Standley boomerang; he analyzes the importance of the Churchill and Willkie visits; he gives some items of news about the Egyptian situation. But in the main he overlaps Graebner (with less intimate feel of the place and people); he fails to give the answers to what Russia is like, and there is scooped by Hindus; he is good at anecdote, but lacks the fire and passion and drama of Voyethkov. His very objectivity makes his book lack fire. One feels on the inside only of the correspondent front.

Publisher: Scribner,