THE CHURCH IN THE WAY by James E. Dittes


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In the spate of literature that attempts to rehabilitate the role of the Protestant ministry today, this book stands out as a notable contribution. Professor Dittes makes no attempt to gloss over the difficulties that have befallen the ministerial role in our time, nor to answer ministerial critics by appeal to traditional concepts and language. He accepts the alleged irrelevance of the church as derived precisely from the incarnational character of the church. From this point of view, the perplexities and conflicts encountered by the minister in the parish are to be seen as important and valid opportunities for ministry. The author draws upon the role of the psychotherapist for his model, showing how resistance is to be used as a resource for healing and growth. To disturbed clergy, this book will either increase their apprehensions, or give them new courage through the new vision of ministry it presents.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1967
Publisher: Scribners