BEFORE I SLEEP by James-Ed. Monahan


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This is the story of Dr. Dooley's last eighteen months, in the words of those who knew him- and as they remembered him, his friends, his co-workers, the doctor who removed the melanoma in 1959, the stewardess who accompanied him on his last flight home, and some of his critics. It has been a painstaking and obviously loving task for Monahan, a senior editor of the Reader's Digest, who worked with him for five years, and while the ""image"" which certainly Dooley worked hard to project abides, Monahan has included some of the comminatory reactions he sparked for there were many people who found him ""egotistical, obstinate and overbearing"". Still the wide public which he acquired with his lectures- his books- and of course his work- is an unquestioning one for the most part and they will want to re-live these last acenes from the time when he entered Memorial Hospital for his televised stay-Biography of a Cancer. Given a ""better than even break"" at the time, Dooley was never really fooled and returned to his work, expanding the MEDICO corps and facilities, fund raising, doctoring in Laos, with an even greater urgency and in defiance of the disease which was rapidly destroying him. The profits for this book will also go to MEDICO, and no one can quarrel with the validity of Dooley's lifework or the practical success of his achievement.

Pub Date: Dec. 4th, 1961
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy