CONFLICT IN THE SHADOWS: The Political Nature of Guerrilla Warfare by James Eliot Cross

CONFLICT IN THE SHADOWS: The Political Nature of Guerrilla Warfare

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Whether guerrilla warfare is called ""internal resistance"" or ""just wars of national liberation"" (Khrushchev) or ""counterinsurgency"" in the latest Washington gobbledegook, those on the inside know that the Communists intend to use the technique as a chief instrument of Communist expansion. The author has been one of the few- too few-criers in the wilderness. This book is a distillation of his years of study and experience. It is objective, perhaps too lacking in sensation for general consumption; but the facts are here as guerrilla warfare is revealed as a military force, an economic force, a political force- from China to Cuba, from Greece to South Vietnam, from Laos to Yugoslavia. Some of the key figures have laid down the lines for all to read,- Mao, Giap, Guevara. The efforts of the West have been half hearted, scattered, tenuous - and Cross makes no bones of stating his understanding of the reasons, his conviction that this phase of Communist expansion poses a threat that must be met. Some will feel he begs the question, but to the majority of readers neither the issue nor the half measures in solution have been recognized and this book serves a definite purpose in opening blind eyes.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday