HOW TO TALK WELL by James F. Bender
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This is the case for good speech- in the sense of the function and value of speech rather than speaking in public. He makes convincing his position that speech has distinct bearing on happiness and success in living. The book could be used as a text book, or a self-help to better speech habits. One primary essential to the latter use is the recognition of the need -- an element sadly lacking where the importance is greatest. He discusses voice,- resonance, flexibility, timbre, naturalness; the use of the voice,- inflections, articulation, enunciation, pronunciation. He relates the posture and physical well being to the voice. He discusses phonetics (this the most difficult chapter in the book to those taught otherwise) -- the use of gestures in public speaking as well as conversation -- the close link between personality, temperament and speech. He even gives due space to the importance of learning to listen well as well as speak well. Throughout there is abundance of practical testing, exercises, lists, and so on.

Publisher: Whittlesey House