THE WOTAN WARHEAD by James Follett


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It's early World War II, and the Germans have devised a new magnetic warhead for their torpedoes--not only is it super-lethal but it moves without a trace and hits without a flash! So Ian Fleming (yes, the Ian Fleming) of British Naval Intelligence is slaving to find some way of recovering one of those torpedoes for analysis when a German sub is captured--with one Wotan torpedo intact. Will the British get a chance to examine this incredible equipment? Not if Admiral Karl Doenitz can help it: furious that his secret device has been captured, he's having a bomber outfitted for a special run on the British naval yard where the sub is being inspected. And, simultaneously, the German U-boat officer who's been blamed for allowing the torpedo to be captured is planning to escape from the British POW camp and bomb the sub-and-torpedo himself. . . . Fairly conventional action melodrama, based on some real facts, lifted slightly above the strictly routine by the Ian Fleming character--who is drily amusing.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1979
Publisher: Stein & Day