GOD WILL HELP YOU by James Gordon Gilkey


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In the preface, Dr. Gilkey writes:- ""This book is written for the many individuals who are now facing hardship or outright disaster"". However, these religious essays will be helpful chiefly to those harassed individuals whose problems have resulted in intellectual confusion, and who need a reasoned re-ordering of their minds by the help of a modern concept of God and religion. It is for this ever-widening group that the author marshalls his wide knowledge of human nature, practical psychology and intellectual brilliance in a discussion of the ways in which God can help men in their difficulties. The book deals with such Questions as ""How do we know God is here?"" ""Is God interested in me?"" ""How does God answer Prayer?"" and so on. There is no particular dogmatic bias --though it is distinctly Protestant, not Catholic.

Publisher: Macmillan