THE FEBRUARY PLAN by James Hall Roberts


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Roberts, of The Q Document, provides another prearranged if smoothly processed dossier which takes place in that new limbo of the world which will come to an end if--. Phillip Corman, a writer-lecturer, learns that his son had been ""accidentally"" killed while ""presumably"" stationed in the U.S. although actually he had been in Tokyo, and had been too much in and around an electronics installation--a missile base project. Corman, after receiving a few enigmatic words from his son, written just before his death, does not buy the official cover story, hires a native (later murdered) to follow it through, and finally alone checkmates a group of fanatics in U.S. Army uniform and checks a shoot to be launched against 100,000 Chinese children... Push or panic button action, the assumption here is that anything which is Failsafe is foolproof, and will do even if doesn't do particularly well.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1966
Publisher: Morrow