RAP SHEET by James Henry Audett


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The life and crimes of Blackie Audett provide an unabashed, unrepentant, and for the most part lively chronology of a career spent in jails- and out of them. Blackie was first on the lam from his father's floggings- at the age of 10; at 13 he was shanghaied into the Army (Canadian) for service in World War I, and he returned to the funeral of Dolly, the girl he liked who could have saved him. A train holdup (they bagged $560,000) led to his first rap- of ten years, but he broke out of a maximum security prison after a few weeks. A second sentence, a bank robbery this time, did not take and he broke jail after six weeks, and again jumped his guard on the way to Leavenworth, joined up with Al Capone in Chicago. A tour of the continent took him back to Leavenworth, but this time he was sprung on a writ and joined the Pendergast organization, until he went back into the ""wholesale banking business"" and married Vi. But with fewer and fewer hiding places available, the world closes in on him-and he was picked up, tried and sent to Alcatraz where he served almost the full time- finished it out in another jail..... A jaunty account of a human jackrabbit, handled in an unimproved idiom.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow- Sloane