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SHIP OF THE DEAD by James Jennewein


RuneWarriors, #3

From the RuneWarriors series, volume 3

by James Jennewein & Tom S. Parker

Age Range: 11 - 14

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-06-144942-0
Publisher: Harper/HarperCollins

Thidreck the Terrifying, killed by Dane the Defiant, is back in action on an errand for the goddess Hel to find the Ship of Doom. The ultimate objective for this task is world domination for Hel, and the reward for Thidreck is restoration to life and human status. After Dane steals the Book of Fate, the irate Norn Skuld promises to give Astrid the right to choose release from her oath as a Valkyrie if Dane destroys the Ship of Doom and removes Thidreck from the picture permanently. Dane and his boon companions set off in their usual hilarious and quarrelsome manner to save the world. The plot and subplots are handled with masterly finesse: Action and suspense are nonstop. Although the climax requires strong suspension of disbelief, the resolution will satisfy fans completely. Familiarity with the first two RuneWarriors books (Shield of Odin, 2008; Sword of Doom, 2009) will aid readers through the twists and turns. Established fans will devour this excellent series finish. (Fantasy. 11-14)