GREAT APRIL by James K. Feibleman


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Great April turns out to be merely everlasting as the reader of this southern boarding house saga waits in vain for something new or interesting to happen. This mainly concerns Otis Maldorf, middle-aged but sexually enterprising owner of the New Orleans menage which also includes a mild philosopher, a college professor, a First Family matron enamored of a race track devotee, a thick-pated business man, a son searching for his elderly father who was extinguished in an accident, and a Jeeves-derived Negro butler. Otis and his neurotic wife Hester have a series of stand-offs; Otis beds various ladies including the philosopher's wife; and after numerous conversations in which the identifying idiosyncrasies of each boarder are stated and restated, there's a fire and a few inconsequential resolutions. Dr. Feibleman has a considerable reputation as a critic and philosopher (The Two-Story World, 1966) but he should have left this on the scratch pad.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1971
Publisher: Horizon