OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT: A Journey of Inner Healing by

OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT: A Journey of Inner Healing

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A curious and remarkable tale of spiritual transformation. In 1975, Jampolsky was a wealthy and respected psychotherapist. He was also angry, insecure, fear-ridden--a deeply depressed, near-suidical alcoholic. Then he read the manuscript of A Course In Miracles, a book put out by the Foundation for Inner Peace claiming that if we empty the mind of perceptions, we will achieve inner peace and become flooded with God's love and guidance. In attempting to achieve inner healing, Jampolsky had to struggle with the clamorous claims of his ego--here defined as ""that part of the mind that focuses on the needs of the body and the personality."" Suddenly, an ""inner voice"" told him he had achieved a ""new phase of healing"" and no longer needed alcohol. Thus, he ceased drinking. Other ""miracles"" followed. At his inner voice's instigation, he stopped charging patients, yet became financially independent when a book he had written ""for therapeutic purposes""--Love is Letting Go of Fear--sold well. This enabled him to open his inner-voice-activated Center for Attitudinal Healing, where children and adults with catastrophic illnesses (including AIDS) receive medical care and instruction in peace and healing through love. Not for the skeptical, but grist for the mills of those willing to accept the possiblity of spiritual experiences.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1989
Publisher: Bantam