WILD BUGGY JORDAN by James L. Summers


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Rose Jordan has a colossal case of teenage inferiority feelings. There were those who had the good sense to see through that awkward facade, among them Merla Kimball, who was pretty generally considered the most desirable girl in the Junior class. And Ross is far from an exception. Merla makes her feelings known to Ross as overtly as possible. He, poor slob, is so carried away by the (to him) hopelessness of the situation, that he totally misinterprets all of Merla's overtures. Some bids are made on the side for things like the importance of practical arts in an education, and for safe driving, and they are easy to take. Mostly, however, this is just a very funny book by an expert on the ins and outs of teen society, with a specialty in that logical stupidity that can so disrupt a young man's life. And this is one of the few romances that a boy will read with pleasure.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1965
Publisher: McKay