PROM TROUBLE by James L. Summers
Kirkus Star


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By now James Summers is known for his more pointed and serious studies of teen age emotions and problems (see Open Season- 1951-and Girl Trouble- 1953) from a boy's view. Similar in many ways to his study of Don Morley, the highschool junior in Girl Trouble, is this story of Rodney Budlong also a junior and president of his class in a California high school. Not too willingly elected, Rodney is practicing a speech in the bathroom- overheard by his kid sister as the book opens- and the rest of the story is full of similarly funny situations. There is a definite probing of character too, as Mr. Summers examines the thoughts of all- of Rodney's parents as they wonder about him, of his English teacher as he helps him, and particularly of the girl Rodney adores, Jody who at 16 has an adult mind -- which she finds she must ""hide"" from her classmates. So fully rounded a picture of average high school happenings- sports, prom and date mixups- this with its seriousness and satire is a credit to juvenile writing.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1954
Publisher: Westminster