THE SHELTER TRAP by James L. Summers
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The author of Girl Trouble, The Karting Crowd, etc. has produced another original, spirited teen tragique, this time in the form of an hilarious flight into the desert island situation that a locked and sealed demonstration fallout shelter provides, when several members of Oakcrest High's gifted student program -- an outfit headed by Miss Barrett (highly gifted herself) and including those heavy in the think-tank department -- troop in, wildly curious as usual,- and the hatch door slides to. Our hero, one Lester Hendrix, by some mysterious intervention one of the group yet obviously the horrible exception, meekly accepts his fate as trash remover, the scorned, the seed of the group's own destruction. However, it is Lester who after a couple days of watching the same two demonstration television programs, laboring at the manual air pump and faced with the bellowing hysteria of one of the inmates, begins chipping away at the concrete with none to say him nay. Lester takes over to the relief of most of the group -- Miss Barrett with the steely eyes and the determination to utilize experiences; monumental Beulah with the wind tunnel voice; Tub Snell who was a Latin-dropper and great eater; attractive Dorothy. Rescue comes at last with Dorothy whispering ""I like you too, Lester."" Adults may find sly comment: youngsters fun!

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1962
Publisher: Westminster