WAR IN THE SUN by James Lansdale Hodson
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Both entertaining and perceptive, this war diary of a London foreign correspondent, which -- in the of war correspondents' contributions -- is distinctive, not limited to external incident and action, prose-styled with literate value and character. It makes close reading, dovetailing conversation, commentary, impressions, random recollections, observations on politics, on people, conditions, events, sights, anything and everything pertinent to the passing scene. The years 1941 and 1942, in Egypt, Syria, India and Burma, with the Middle East the main focus. Men, troops of all nations, and of all stations in life, from General Smuts to the enlisted man; action and its aftermath; interpretation. Candid and astringent commentary...Small type face puts the book at a distinct disadvantage; too bad, for it will deter some readers who would agree that this ranks high in writing about the war, on unhackneyed fronts.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1943
ISBN: 1409723771
Publisher: Dial