WE WERE DREAMERS by James Lehrer


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Leave the driving to Mr. Lehrer and he'll take you back a piece to the time when he was a youngster and for a year and tendays, before they went broke, his father and mother ran the Kansas Central Lines consisting of three buses, the Lena, Susie, and Betsy,--constantly disabled. Mom finally had to get behind the wheel (a humiliating experience for young James) even if her feet didn't reach the pedals and there were chronic difficulties with the vehicles, with bills and collection letters, with the law--driving with old plates since they didn't have the cash for new ones--until they finally foreclosed. A nickel-and-dime nostalgia trip through Central Kansas and genial for sure but who's to say whom you'll find ""all aboard for Goessel, Lehigh, Newton and Wichita?

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Atheneum