WAR COMES TO WILLY FREEMAN by James Lincoln & Christopher Collier Collier


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Willie Freeman, whose name denotes her family's status, is the 13-year-old cousin of the Revolutionary-period slave Daniel Arabus featured in last year's Jump Ship to Freedom. By accident Willie finds herself in Fort Griswold, near her Connecticut home, during a bloody battle where she sees her father, an American volunteer, killed by a British soldier. Meanwhile Willie's mother is taken off by the British; and as the Arabus' vicious master Captain Ivers will sell Willie into slavery if she stays with them, she sets off for New York to find her mother. The two are not reunited until after the war when the mother is dying at the Arabus quarters and Captain Ivers won't admit a doctor. By then, however, Willie has established a home at New York's Fraunces Tavern, where Cousin Daniel in the previous volume also found shelter. During her travels we see Willie tasting another kind of freedom in a boy's disguise and mulling just a bit stagily over the parallels among British-American, master-slave (or black-white), and male-female relationships. Like its companion, this is righteous adventure, strong in history, ever on the move, and crackling with confrontations.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1983
ISBN: 0440495040
Publisher: Delacorte