MIGNON by James M. Caln


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New Orleans, and the whiplash of the war's end finds certain adventurers trying to make another kind killing among them Adolphe Landry who with his double-crossing Irish partner, Burke, is trying to salvage a shipment of cotton worth over $100,000. However Landry is jailed, on evidence trumped up by Burke, and it is Mignon, his daughter, of no little allure, who persuades Bill Cresap to rescue and retrieve her father. This he does, with the help of a gambling woman who shoots a lot straighter than Mignon who goes upriver with Burke and her father after the cotton. It is Cresap, still under her spell, who follows them in an attempt to get them to destroy the receipt for the goods which may hang them all; a life is taken, and Mignon's lost, before the final score is settled... New clothes (period costumes and setting) do not change the man; it's a racy story for those with sporting blood.

Publisher: Dial