AFTERPLAY: The Key to Intimacy by James & Mark Sherman Halpern

AFTERPLAY: The Key to Intimacy

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Always make love twice and never fall asleep afterward,"" one Restoration rou‚ is purported to have told his young son. Excellent advice, but clearly not anything of which these authors were aware when they thought they were breaking new ground here, else their tedious and trumped-up tract would never have hit the presses. The premise is that foreplay is fun, but that ""afterplay,"" the word they have coined for the period immediately after sex, is what cements relationships. The data, gathered from the responses to 234 questionnaires (out of 850 sent out) is trivial at best, absurd at worst: nearly one person in four spends five minutes or less touching after intercourse; 20.4% of men and 14.9% of women never ""speak romantically to"" their partners after intercourse; and 23.6% of men and 26.6% of women ""sometimes wash up"" after sex. Insightful quotes like these are used to reinforce the data: ""It's really great to hear your name said--it makes a difference. But the name has to be your name."" The problem is this: there are only so many options open to a post-coital couple, and that, of course, is why lots of books have been written on the subject of foreplay (where the options are clearly wider) and so few--in fact, this is the first--on afterplay. This one ought to be sufficient to glut the market.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1979
Publisher: Stein & Day