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THE THREE LITTLE PIGS by James Marshall Kirkus Star


adapted and illustrated by James Marshall

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1989
ISBN: 0140557423
Publisher: Dial

An ebullient raconteur (Red Riding Hood, 1987, etc.) takes on another favorite nursery tale, spicing up its basic broth with his own inimitably flavored dialogue and visualization. From their mother's send-off ("Now be sure to write, and remember that I love you"), character is well established: #1 and #2 are dressed as insouciant hobos, while our hero, #3, sports a vested suit as well as bowler, briefcase, and cane. The first two pigs get warnings here ("I'd think twice about that," cautions the man with sticks when he hears about #2's projected house), but are duly eaten. The third, unctuously tricking the wolf at every turn ("Why don't we meet there? Would three o'clock suit you?"), survives to eat the wolf in the best classic tradition. A delightfully witty rendition, honoring the old tale while giving it a fresh new look.