ROGUE EAGLE by James McClure


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Not Lt. Tromp Kramer and his Bantu assistant this time, nor a crime story per se, but a larger action of corrosive hostilities extending the duration of Apartheid back to the Boers and currently forward to a Brotherhood up in the mountains, a residue of bitter-enders in the small South African country of Lesotho. Finbar Buchanan, the ""one hidden pebble on a very pebbly beach,"" a reporter who's actually an agent, and his sassy blonde distraction Nancy Kitson who's actually CIA, try to find out just what's going on in those hills while cameras and cartridges explode from page to page. McClure's South Africa where ageless resentments of color and politics still snake across the terrain like a brush fire is peremptory and will knock the wind out of you from the word go. Go.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row