HUNGER FOR RACING by James McM Douglas


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An assortment of facts about the automotive industry and the angles in advertising sponsorship (Esso vs. Firestone for example) in a car story flooded with coincidence. Young Armenian-American Arnek Tasjian is bent on a career in racing but he's thwarted a number of times before he even makes it to the track. Sent to contact Harold Ventor, boss of Supreme Services at Daytona Beach, he fails to get in touch with him and because most of his money's been stolen, he ends up with a job at an Armenian pizzeria. But he finally makes a delivery to, of all people, Harold Ventor, and is immediately hired. He's put in charge of handing out new Supreme racing tire to special drivers. But he runs into an old friend, a driver from home who is desperately in need of such tires. And he runs into trouble... but all's well when you end up owning 1/8th of a potential winner. Unfortunately Mr. Douglas owns all of this one and it is not a potential winner.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1967
Publisher: Putnam