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Milton has the faculty for engaging one's interest and affection -- his characters are ling as human beings. While this is not top drawer Milton, it is a thoroughly readable tale, and it is rather a relief to have a woman like Liv, bent on possessing and controlling the people she cares for, fail of her purpose before the inflexible of her one-time husband. The story falls into th , First you get the story of Councillor -- later Mayer -- of , midland town in which his own poverty childhood served to ct as feil for his own lively awareness of Browdlay's welfare. Then -- through an -- you get the story of Livia his wife, daughter of the man who brought ruin to the people of Do and who served a term in jail as a result, determination to have her own way wrecked the career of the man for when she deserted -- and who was in a fair way to wrecked her life as well. And finally, you have the story of Charl plans victim, who through when he loved, has a chance to rebuild a life, out from his mother's The story is told against a of changing -- between and still deep in old traditions, social bars shifting, flling, their chane. an book -- sometimes a book, with a of forward. But a story -- and that hld the interest.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown