DEAD ERNEST by James Mitchell


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Cool, tough Ron Hogget, London Shamus extraordinaire, is hired by rich, sexy Imogen Courtney. Lithgoe to find two items recently vanished from her lreland estate: a promising young racehorse; and Imogen's latest fiancÉ, a shambling computer-whiz named Ernest Fluck. So Ron and his pal Dove, a brainy bodyguard with matinee-idol looks, set off on the trail--and are soon being waylaid by a series of nasty customers. (And Ron's new bird, Swanky Sabena, is an innocent-bystander casualty during one of the attacks.) Are the two disappearances connected? What about the murder of Imogen's horse-trainer, whose girlfriend later turns up dead in Spain? Is Ernest a dead Fluck--or a live fugitive? And what sort of business deal was cooking between him and greedy Imogen? Well, a dubious clue leads Ron and Dave to Sydney, Australia--where there's rough stuff in hotels, yachts, and Mafia-linked nightspots. But it will take a second trip to Spain, and some impromptu matador-ing by Dave, before both mysteries are more or less cleared up. The busy, arbitrary plotting here--with jet-hopping adventures for two fearless, raunchy guys--occasionally seems silly and dated. Thanks to Ron's sardonic, downbeat narration, however, this is athletic action-mystery with a touch of class--not fully credible or likable, perhaps, but loosely entertaining.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1987
Publisher: Henry Holt