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NEBULA AWARDS 26 by James Morrow


SFWA's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year

edited by James Morrow

Pub Date: May 1st, 1992
ISBN: 0-15-164934-0
Publisher: Harcourt

The Science Fiction Writers of America's choices for the best science fiction and fantasy stories of 1992: three stories, five novelettes, a novella, two poems, two tributes (the late Donald A. Wolheim, of DAW books; a Grand Master award for Lester del Rey) and two overviews. Most of the fiction is already quite famous: Ursula Le Guin's Hainish League yarn, ``The Shobies' Story''; Terry Bisson's brilliant fantasy ``Bears Discover Fire''; Ted Chiang's alternate- world ``Tower of Babylon''; Pat Murphy's weird sex yarn, ``Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates''; and Joe Haldeman's novella ``The Hemingway Hoax,'' which turned out to be an even better, if bizarrely flawed, novel. Also on the agenda: Kathryn Cramer's useful overview of science fiction in 1990; and, best of all, Bill Warren's splendid, cleareyed dissection of 1990's movies (recommended watching: Darkman, Tremors, Total Recall, and Edward Scissorhands). Missing, once again, is any critical discussion of 1990's novels. Previous high standards maintained, with Warren as the nonfictional benchmark and plenty of varied, absorbing fiction.