THE WAY OF ISRAEL by James Muilenberg


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No one will read this delightful book by the Old Testament Professor of New York's Union Theological Seminary without feeling grateful for his unfolding to the reader the kind of language, nationality and experience that went into the making of the older portion of the Bible. The Hebrews did not use words as we use them, nor know anything about our rational approach to truth Their symbols were related to their time and place and history. Indeed, it is the peculiar quality of this book to come to grips with the fact of a peculiar people with a unique experience of God conveyed to them in the historical process and written by them in an idiom which we must explore if we would understand at all. A sharp adult Sunday school teacher could profit by this book, though he might reach for the dictionary for words like ""amphityony"". It is most suitable for college and Seminary classes, or for preachers whose Old Testament courses never really took into account the way of God with Israel. Preachers will delight especially in having new meaning brought into old, familiar, but sometimes obscure texts. The volume is one of the series known as Religious Perspectives, edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen and including on its editorial board some of the great names in the field of religion in our time. It is suitable for study by persons of every religion, and maintains the high quality already achieved by its four predecessors in this series.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1961
Publisher: Harper