DO YOU KNOW LABOR? by James Myers


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This is a book which should prove useful as a general history of labor and a sympathetic appraisal of its future. The author has been Industrial Secretary of the Federal Churches of Christ in America for the past seventeen years; prior to that he had been a personnel director in industry. There is little new material, but his liberal point of view and his sincere approach should influence many a conservative to a realization that the labor unions are not all as black as the press would indicate. The author's desire to be perfectly fair to all tends to a lack of incisive criticism. His praise for the fine things done by labor and its leaders would carry more weight were he more condemnatory of the misuse of power and position. He discusses the different types of labor unions, the distinction between A.F. of L. and C.I.O., the drawing of agreements, the adjustment of grievances, strikes and how to prevent them, the closed shop, the efficacy of the National Labor Relations Act, union management, cooperatives, etc. Good for a general view, but not for the student.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1943
Publisher: John Day