ENERGY AND EROS: Teachings on the Art of Love by James N. Powell

ENERGY AND EROS: Teachings on the Art of Love

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Dewy-gooey esoteric sex lore (with a smidgen of electromagnetism), but not the usual formulas for a Bigger Bang. Powell, amiable quasi-expert (M.A. in religious studies) on Taoism and Hinduism, blends succulent bits of wisdom from the East with the latest sexological research and comes up with an unexpected recipe: Block That Orgasm. Instead, he recommends coitus reservatus (a.k.a. karezza), long (2 hr.) sessions where the old violent clutching/thrusting wipeouts are replaced by a quiet, rapturous commingling (""Forget about sex and submit yourself to the flood of warmth""). After ca. 35 minutes of such gentle intercourse, Powell promises his students ""wave after wave of [non-ejaculatory] orgasms"" will sweep over them, as their bioelectric currents fuse and take over. This is to be followed by another half hour or more, spent contemplating ""the energies flowing between them."" Powell's directions are detailed enough without being creepy-clinical, so aficionadoes of this genre may find him worth a try. On the other hand, Powell's cargo of Oriental sensuality weighs the text down with its lush, sweetly pornographic fantasies. (Women in the Ramayana have ""alluring, high, close-set breasts, swelling, dark-nippled breasts; . . . undulant, golden-limbed bodies nectarlike lips. . . smooth thighs, deep navels,"" etc.) Powell supplies us with copious amounts of idle information (Taoists called the upper part of the vulva the ""golden ditch,"" Brahmins considered it a Very High Union when a man copulated with a woman with much smaller genitals than his) that readers may find amusing or not. Mostly fluff, but harmless and colorful.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1985
Publisher: Morrow