RAIN OF ASHES by James Neugass


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In harsh, almost flagrant terms, this is the story of a New Orleans family, cruel and contemptuous with the power of wealth and morally destroyed by it. Here are the Ewarts; Otto, president of the company and hated by all; Homer whose dissolution in women and liquor is a thorough one; Sybil, ambitious for her husband, Charles, but unable to disguise her sexual aversion to him-autocratic as a wife, vicious as a mother. There are the fracases which flare up between them all- over Julie, the secretary, slept with by Homer and wanted by Charles; over Otto's bribery of a politician with Homer's money; and finally the move to New York where Sybil hopes to get more money through Charles- but only succeeds in destroying his happiness and her children... The wrong side of the right people, this includes pity on occasion-but is not for tenderer tastes.

Publisher: Harper